Announcing Book Bingo 2016!

Book Bingo 2016 — it’s on!


Many thanks to my co-conspirators in the bingo card creation process:
To my dear friend for the pizza-fueled bingo planning get-togethers and for the fun of talking books all year long. To the Dear Man for suggesting and designing the pizza-themed bingo card. You always make us look good!

How to Play

Read a book that fits the category in a square. Complete just
one row, or go for blackout by reading a book in every category on the
bingo card. You have one year to complete the bingo card. Books started in 2015 but finished in 2016 count.

can decide for yourself what each category means.

provided some definitions below, but you can free-style it if you like
— as long as you can make a case that the book fits the category.

The Categories (in alphabetical order)

A story that takes you on a thrilling journey
A life story in the person’s own words
Beach Read
Easy escapism
A Book Abandoned
A book you didn’t finish. This is your free square.
Children’s Classic
A time-honored book written for young readers
Compelling Review
When you see an enticing blurb on a book jacket or an intriguing comment on GoodReads… this qualifies as a Compelling Review.
When things go wrong — a nervous breakdown or a natural catastrophe or anything in between.
Embarrassed to Admit…
Embarrassed to admit in public that I read this. Or, embarrassed to admit I didn’t read it until now.
Endorsed by an Author
A book recommended by author you recognize. Recommendation could appear in a review, a blurb, or an interview.
Everyone’s Reading It
You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen it, it won’t go away–so read it, already.
A book where food is a key ingredient
A book that evokes a historical period or event
Improve Your Life
Self-help, psychology, religion, or how-to. Any book that helps you pursue happiness.
Written by a journalist, or a narrative written in a journalistic style
Law and Order
Mystery, true crime, a lawyer’s memoir, or a book about the Supreme Court. Any book about the making, breaking, or enforcement of the law.
A book where music matters
National Book Award
A winner or a nominee, in any category
Older Than My Mom
A book published before my mom was born
Presidential election year! A book about a U.S. President or a presidential election, or a book a President has read.
A book about espionage or simply a nosy neighbor
Suburban Ennui
Is that all there is?
Title Attraction
You love the title of the book.
Dysfunctional families, intertwining storylines, surprising plots, or psychological suspense. Or just a book about knots.
Ugly Cover
Despite its cover, you want to read it, anyway.So… let’s start creating our book lists, guys!


2 thoughts on “Announcing Book Bingo 2016!

  1. Yay! I've been waiting for this. 🙂 You definitely chose some categories I never would have thought of, but that's good. It'll make me read some books I don't normally read. This will be my project over Christmas…finding books that fill some of these categories. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Lark — I'm excited, too! And one of the fun parts is dreaming up which books to read fur each category. I adore that process. I hope you have a great time Bingo-ing in the year ahead!

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