All you can read: The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat

The Supremes at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat by Edward Kelsey Moore


3 words: warm, gently funny, engaging


When I think of how I would describe the plot of this book (three lifelong friends, in middle age, each facing a tough challenge), I realize we better start with the tone.


Otherwise, this book sounds like it might be depressing (because: cancer, a cheating husband, and alcoholism — these things are not jolly).


It’s the tone of the book that keeps it light in a way that sometimes made me smile. This book is warm and witty and focused on friendship.


So when life gets messy and the tough stuff comes along for each of the main characters, the author’s writing style lets us know it’ll be OK, even if the ending isn’t perfectly happy.


The women were called “The Supremes” in their youth, because they were a group of three lovely African-American girls who hung out at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat after school.


And four decades later, they still meet there once a week.


The coziness of the restaurant adds to the comfortable feeling of this book, and the social commentary adds some serious humor. (The stories of a young woman planning an over-the-top wedding made me nearly laugh out loud.)


And there’s some wonderful quirkiness, including the fact that Odette was born in a tree.


The story of these women’s friendship has stayed with me during the weeks since I finished reading this book. I’m really glad I got to spend some time in their company.


What book characters have you enjoyed hanging out with lately?