Advent calendar… for book geeks

Here’s one of the ways I’m super lucky in life:
My dear artist friend made me this gorgeous Advent calendar, and every year she fills it with gorgeous, perfectly selected quotes she’s gathered throughout the year.  
(And it lasts through Epiphany, which I love and adore.)
Being an artistically challenged, lesser human, I gather quotes for her, too, but they’re not presented beautifully.
So it probably seems weird that I’m talking Advent during this time of year, but this is exactly the time of year when some of the fun happens.
I’ve been jotting down, recording, and getting thrilled by all kinds of literary lines I’ve been reading… because they’re going onto the list of possible Advent quotes for my friend.
It’s completely fun. It’s like reading takes on an added level of meaning, because one little part of my brain is always on the lookout for quotes she would appreciate.
And this January, we established a new tradition: 
We got together for dinner, brought the quotes we had received from one another, and selected our favorites of the group.
(I love, love, love this tradition!)
Here are some of our favorites from 2015:
My favorites that she presented to me:
Bran thought about it. “Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?”
“That is the only time a man can be brave,” his father told him.
–George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!
–Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
Her favorites that I presented to her:
The first thing I do in the morning is to make my bed and while I am making up my bed I am making up my mind as to what kind of a day I am going to have.
-Robert Frost
Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.
-General Omar Nelson Bradley
I’m a notorious Grinch when it comes to the Christmas season, but man, do I love the Advent calendar.

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  1. I collect quotes, too, and these are awesome! Thanks for sharing, because now I can write them down in my notebook. Hope you share more this year. 🙂

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