Aberrant reading behavior alert

There’s something really strange going on here, and I just want to warn you in advance.

I’ve begun a-reading baseball books.
And it’s gone multimedia, too —
On the iPod: The Natural
On the DVD player: Inning 5 of Ken Burns’ Baseball. (I damn near cried during Inning 4.)
Yes, baseball sappiness has struck.
I’ll never be a baseball fan. It just ain’t gonna happen.
But I’m a-reading the baseball books.

4 thoughts on “Aberrant reading behavior alert

  1. Bybee,
    Oooh oooh oooh! What baseball books do you have lined up?

    Here's my current list:
    – Boys of Summer (Kahn)
    – Great Time Coming (Jackie Robinson bio)
    – Luckiest Man (Lou Gehrig bio)
    – a couple of books "by" Mickey Mantle that I'll probably browse through rather than read

    Probably I'm also going to read Shoeless Joe by Kinsella. That book's been popping up in my life for years, and I've successfully dodged it, knowing I Was Not Ready. Yet.

  2. i'm gearing up for spring training by reading a copy of the captain, a book about derek jeter!! can't wait for the season to start!

    nat @book, line, and sinker

    ps. could you open your comments up to allow for NAME/URL? it's tricky for selfhosted bloggers to comment here. thanks!

  3. Nat,
    It sounds like you're a baseball fan. I salute you! I'm just a newbie to this whole thing… and may never become an actual watcher of baseball. We'll see…

    Thanks for the suggestion about the Name/URL. Done!

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