A happy birthday — giving thanks

you get really lucky in life and even your birthday is way better than you thought
was possible. And let me tell you, I had high
expectations for this one, because I asked someone for the exact gift I wanted
and he said, Of course.

So now my
blog has a shiny new look that’s all me, and it’s all due to him.
you’re in cahoots with a talented graphic designer, things get really thrilling
really fast. Things are funny and fun and they look nice.
And when
you ask him to design a banner for your book blog, you get more options (more
amazing, impossible-to-narrow-down options) than you ever imagined.
plenty of splendid agonizing (this went on for days and days [it lasted for weeks]), we decided to
use an old photo as the basis for a logo.
me, at age 3, reading a book on the lid of my tractor-tire sandbox.
remember when I was a teenager and my mom would dislodge me from my book with,
“It’s a beautiful day—just go outside for 15
.” And I’d sigh… and then take my book outside, where I’d sit and
Pretty sure
that’s not what she had in mind.
apparently I’d been doing this all along. If there weren’t photographic
evidence, I wouldn’t have known that my brilliant response to “Go outside and
play!” had looked like this since before I could read actual words on a page.
So going
through old photo albums with new eyes was revelatory. And so was this
re-design process.
I gotta
say: the experience of working with a skilled, creative, thoughtful graphic
designer has been downright blissful. I’ve been walking around smiling like a
goofball after every series of options was presented to me.
It’s a
wonderful thing when somebody really gets you.
The genius
at Lopata Design created this new look, and I’m more
delighted and more grateful than I can say. 

And on that note, I’d like to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Great story behind the photo…makes me love the new look even more. 🙂 Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. And Happy Reading (wherever you are)!

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