A book you can sink your teeth into

Dracula by Bram Stoker
3 words:
complex, creepy, original
classics and I have a complicated relationship. I tend to resist reading them,
out of a concern that the books will be stodgy and dated and difficult. Yet so
often—as with my book club’s reading of Dracula—I
find that the reason a book has become a classic is that it resists those
dreaded concerns. 
So yeah,
I just keep learning.
Reading Dracula was actually rather a delight.
My favorite surprise was that the story is told via journals and letters, and it’s
narrated from multiple viewpoints. This made it seem strangely modern—that the
novel has such a complex structure. I had Wilkie Collins flashbacks, and that’s
always a good thing.
And I
was delighted with the gradual, creepy build-up of suspense in this story. Well
done, Mr. Stoker!
happiness with the book grew further when I read Lark’s review and discovered
that it’s one of her favorites and she had highlighted similar aspects of the
I found it fascinating to read Dracula after
having read Frankenstein several
years ago. Both novels share the theme of coming to terms with death, which is
infinitely preferable to the unnatural state of un-death evoked in the stories.
A great
read for late fall.

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  1. I love the way this book holds up … and how, even though I'm familiar with the story of Dracula, Stoker's writing is still so suspenseful. I guess that's why it's a classic, huh? Great review! 🙂
    (What's your book club reading next?)

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