3rd Quarter Reading Challenge Update

It’s become evident to anyone who’s paying attention (which I’m guessing is: only me) that I do best with those reading challenges that provide only a basic framework. Once the rules get too detailed, I start to chafe. When I’m reading for my own darn self, I like to read whatever I please.
Which is one of the reasons I’m not further ahead with my very own ThemeQuest Reading Challenge. I made the guidelines fairly specific, and now I’m cursing that dang reading challenge creator!
Here are my updates as we cruise into the final quarter of the year.
ThemeQuest Reading Challenge: I’ve still read only 7 of the 10 books about my theme word: “balance.” In August, I started a fiction book that I just couldn’t hack. Am gearing up for another go at balance-related fiction. (I don’t wanna!)
U.S. Presidents Reading Project: I’m humming right along. I’ve read a biography of 21 of the 44 presidents. (Haven’t updated the number on the page yet—am waiting until I’ve posted the reviews.) And I’ve started another presidential biography, which should put me at 22 presidential biographies by year’s end. Halfway to the full number of 44!
Time Travel Reading Challenge: I’m still at 2 of 3. In shame, I have just placed a hold on book #3.
Mixology: I’m still working on the Biography category. I’ve read 7 of 10 biographies. One more currently underway… But the other categories are complete!

In happier news… here are the ones I’ve already completed.
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction Reading Challenge
2010 Pub Challenge
Mixology: Total number of books, Newly published books, Audiobooks, and Romance
2010 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge: 75 book level
And to cap things off, I expect to finish reading my 100th library book this week, before October 1 kicks off the start of the next quarter.
And… ooooh oooooh oooooh!!! (fast-forward to 5:49 to hear the original)

The fourth quarter contains Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon!
I need to start planning snacks. (And books, too.)

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