3rd Quarter Challenge Update

Yeah, it’s crunch time in the reading challenge world. The final 3 months of the year approach, and we darn well better be wrapping up the challenge reading.
Here’s where I am:
Challenges still underway:

Reading Madly—6/7. I’m gonna be fine here, especially since I picked a book club book for October that has some sort of Mad Men connection.
U.S. Presidents Reading Project—OK, either I suck it up and read a biography of Grover Cleveland yet this year, or I just pretend to be satisfied that I’m still at 22/44. For nearly a year now, that’s been the number. Goal for year-end: Bring that number up to 23. (Pitiful.)
100+ Reading Challenge—90/100. Feeling good.
eBook Challenge—6/12. Not gonna make it. Nook Color, I have forsaken you. I’ve neglected your eReaderliness and used you as a quasi-tablet/smartphone substitution so’s I can read the interwebs from my purse. There’s the horrible truth, and I am sore ashamed.
Whisper Stories in My Ear—11/12. Almost there! (I’ve listened to more than 12 audiobooks, but I don’t feel like writing about all of them. And this challenge requires reviews.)
Library Challenge—84/100. No problem.

Completed Challenges
Thank you. Thank you…  [curtsies]
So my own true challenge is clear: Read some doggone eBooks about Presidents. I’m off to seek out this exact thing…

2 thoughts on “3rd Quarter Challenge Update

  1. Bybee — Good eye — yes, it's new!

    Full disclosure: It's a modified shelf shot, which includes a whole mishmash of some of my favorite novels, nonfiction, and children's books. The librarian in me requires that, in real life and on real shelves, nonfiction and fiction be shelved in their own areas.

    I went on a very satisfying re-shelving spree after the photo was taken. : )

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