2018 Reading Year in Review

2018: a total mixed bag when it comes to my reading life. Here’s the year-end review…

The bad

So I didn’t meet my Goodreads goal of reading 75 books this year.

And am I feeling comfortable with that? No, I am not.

But… life goes on. And in other (more important ways), my reading year was quite fruitful.

The good

  • I met my goal that 20% of the books I read would be by diverse authors. Hooray! And great reading!
  • I read 19,089 pages. (I’m actually not sure whether this is impressive, but it’s the first year I’ve calculated the number, so I’m happy with it.)
  • In spite of a year filled with some unexpected challenges, I read 65 books.

The ugly

Good people, I created some charts in Google Sheets to visually represent my year of reading. These charts are not beautiful. Here they are…

So, if you had to predict what I read this year, you’d say, “Nonfiction book by a female author.” And actually, many of my favorites this year were exactly that.

The year ahead

Reading goals:

Other than that, I’m keeping it free and easy. No other goals… just some reading bliss.

What are your reading goals for 2019? Or do you just read & enjoy?

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