2018 reading goals

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As an Upholder, I seriously love New Year’s resolutions. Actually, I love goal setting at any time of the year. And I mean: I freakin’ love it.

So this time of year — so fresh, so new, so full of resolutions — has me all hopping around like a happy little thing*.

Needless to say, I’ve got some reading goals for the year ahead.

Here they are:


First: Read diverse books. Goal: 20% of my reading will be books by diverse authors. I met the 20% goal last year, and it made my reading life the richer.


Second: Complete Book Bingo Blackout 2018, our very own reading challenge. Anyone wanna join me? Grab the bingo card here!



Third: Complete the 2018 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge



Fourth: Complete the 2018 Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge



Within each reading challenge, each book will count for only one category. But I’ll allow myself to use the same essay collection for both Read Harder and Modern Mrs. Darcy. If I’m especially clever, it’s possible I’ll find some books that will qualify for all three challenges. Three birds, one book!

And now I’m off to do some anticipatory quivering of delight…


My fellow readers… What are your reading goals this year?


*full disclosure: I’m a tall, gawky, awkward thing (but still happy. and hopping)

6 thoughts on “2018 reading goals

  1. I need to remind myself to venture out more out of my comfort zones of mysteries and fiction. So hopefully that means more non-fiction, classics, and poetry. And, of course I think I’ve joined too many reading challenges but it’s all in fun. Looking forward to Book Bingo! Have a great time completing your challenges!

    • Iliana — Too many challenges — we may need a support group! But I agree — it’s all good stuff. I imagine your reading challenges will help you break out of your comfort zone. I know I’m relying on mine to help me do the same thing. Graphic novels, here I come…

  2. Unruly,
    Now, first, I’ve met you and I take umbrage with your “tall, gawky, awkward” self-description. You are friendly, sunny, very fit, and you look about half your age! You also seemed very poised to me.

    Okay. Goals. I do not set goals because I am ridiculously bad at achieving goals, or anything, really. But I fully support your setting goals for yourself! And perhaps you have inspired me, because it has me thinking maybe I should shake up my own reading, or do something a little different. Do you do anything at GoodReads? Wondering if I should start an account there, although the thought of giving Amazon/Bezos any more of my reading information makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

    • Citizen — OK. You were already one of my very most favorite bloggers, but now you’ve gone and joined the list of my favorite people. You are seriously too kind.

      It’s so funny you asked about GoodReads, because just yesterday I was feeling all inspired by your post about using a notebook to log your reading. And I was getting all woozy at the thought of a beautiful notebook and a special pen… a whole bunch of fancy pens! In a fetching mug! (my fantasy self lives a very pretty lifestyle; in no way do I resemble her)

      So: GoodReads. I hate to say it, but I love GoodReads, even though Amazon. Maybe my favorite thing: it gives me a safe place to plunk my TBR (which I can tag with genres, so when I’m in the mood for a self-improvement book on audio that I already know I want to read, I can screen for that on my TBR — assuming I’ve tagged it on the front end). This TBR thing also protects me from placing too many holds on library books, which all flood in at once. (Actually, I still do this. But it could be way worse.)

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