2012 reading, already in the works

This is a great idea for a reading challenge. Check this out:

Book Dragon’s Lair is hosting a challenge called “Getting Lost in a Comfortable Book.”
Between the name (anything with the word “comfortable” in it is apt to pull me right in) and the button (cute, cute, cute! and with an image variation for the indoorniks among us [that’s me]), I knew I’d be doing this challenge.
Then I read the description, and I knew it would be my cuppa coffee. (I’m not that into tea.)
From the Book Dragon’s Lair post, here are the parameters:
“There are three parts to this challenge.

Part One: email me your top five comfort books.
Part Two: vote (after I post a list) for our very own Top 100.
Part Three: READ five from the list, other than your own.”

Later this year, the big master list will be posted on her blog, and then we choose 5 books to read during 2012.
I’ve already sent in the titles of my top 5 comfort reads (maybe I’ll tell you them later; maybe I won’t).
Since comfort books are basically sure bets, I’m feeling pretty safe placing some of my reading choices in others’ hands. I’m actually feeling kind of excited already. About 2012, which sounds all futuristic.

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