2010 Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

This is the first year I’ve been a maniac for reading challenges, and I don’t regret it one bit. It could have been otherwise.

One of the reasons I didn’t major in English was that I didn’t want reading to be “ruined.” In a similar way, I’m cautious about signing up for reading challenges. I want to make sure there’s more serendipity than structure in my reading life.
In 2010, I under-challenged myself in some areas, and over-challenged myself in only one instance (ironically, with my own reading challenge).
Here’s the final reading challenge wrap-up for the lovely year 2010:
ThemeQuest Reading Challenge Completed, and just barely, through some pretty sneaky cheating (11 books read) Who thought this thing up?! I signed up for the Theme Supreme level, and it nearly kicked my little patootie. In the end, I pretty much cheated with fiction books #2 and #3 (dang! Thought I only needed 2 fiction books! Again, I will ask: Who made up these rules?!)

U.S. Presidents Reading ProjectWell underway this lifelong challenge (22 books read)
I love this challenge. I’ve read biographies of exactly half of the presidents: 22 completed, 22 to go. The toughies lie ahead: Hayes, Buchanan, Fillmore… Meanwhile, I’ll continue to read about JFK and LBJ all the time, even though they’re already officially checked off the list. (See intro paragraphs above: I want to read what I want to read!)

2010 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge (75 book level) Completed (133 books read)
I’m all about supporting libraries. Should have signed up for the 100 book level, and that’s my goal for 2011.

Time Travel Reading Challenge Completed (3 books read)
I discovered I’d already read most of the really good time travel books. But this challenge inspired me to read When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, which I adored.

2010 Pub Challenge Completed (10+ books read)
I’m always surprised how many recently-published books I read.

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction Reading Challenge Completed (8+ books read)
For a nonfiction fiend, so this challenge was a breeze (and a pleasure!)

2010 Mixology Completed (133 books read)
This challenge is completely fun.
Mixology categories with actual books read and goal: Total books: 133 read (goal: 75) Newly published: 44 (goal: 10) Biographies: 12 (goal: 10) Audiobooks: 20 (goal: 5) Romance: 18 (goal: 5)

In 2011, I’m still approaching the challenge thing with a certain amount of care. There are a couple that I almost said “yes” to, but I’m going to hold back. But there are a couple of others that I’ll add to the mix for next year. I’m looking forward to 2011!
Wishing you all a very happy New Year —

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