20 for 2020 goals

It’s time for New Year’s resolutions and all things self-improvement, so here goes…

Again this year, I’m setting mini goals for the year, inspired by the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast. 

Last year, 19 for 2019… and the year before, 18 for 2018.

So this year… guess how many goals?

Here’s my list of 20 for 2020…

  1. Spend quality time with our sisters 
  2. Have a beautiful latte with a design in the foam 
  3. Have dinner with a good friend twice a month 
  4. Tinker with Canva
  5. Find a go-to recipe for molasses cookies. 
  6. And also ginger cookies
  7. Visit out-of-state friends 
  8. Buy a second diffuser 
  9. Style our home library shelves 
  10. Wear all of my clothes at least once 
  11. Learn about 2 local historic buildings each month 
  12. Have a quilting bee with a friend 
  13. Travel someplace geeky with the Dear Man that at least one of us has researched 
  14. Fix formatting on 25 high-traffic blog posts
  15. Do 12 “love where you live” activities
  16. Add targeted cross-training at least twice per month
  17. Write at least one book review each month 
  18. Meditate at least once per week 
  19. Visit and comment on more blogs 
  20. Browse biographies at the public library and pick one to read

I began compiling ideas in Google Docs earlier this year, then refined the list, then expanded it, then changed it up several times right at New Year’s.

Then, a couple of days ago, a friend and I discussed our lists and — in the midst of our conversation — decided on a shared goal:

Have a quilting bee with a friend.

It’s been years since we’ve quilted together (more than a decade!) and we both have UFOs that require our attention. When the idea emerged, we both lit up. So we each tossed an item off the list and replaced it with quilting.

This makes me very, very happy.

And now, since it’s the 4th day of the year already, I’ve made some headway on some of the goals.

  • For the latte goal, I’ve identified a nearby coffee shop that makes fancy  lattes with foam designs.
  • For the dinner with a friend goal, she already identified our new midpoint.
  • For the wearing-all-the-clothes goal, I’ve reversed the hangers in the closet so I can tell what I haven’t worn yet. And I wore two ensembles I usually neglect.
  • For the blog post formatting goal, I used Google Analytics to extract a list of the posts that have had the most views over the past year.
  • For the meditation goal, I already successfully ignored my calendar reminder to meditate yesterday. Well done, me!

So, good people… what are your goals for the year? Or do you say no to the New Year’s resolution scene?

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