18 for 2018: fall update

We’re heading into the final 6 weeks of the year, and here’s one final 18 for 2018 update before the year-end reckoning…

Since the last update, here’s what’s happened around here…

Roast vegetables once a month

OK, so I outsourced this one. Or, as someone less charitable said, I cheated.  Here’s what happened… I’ve been running around trying to do my life for the past year, and grocery shopping only happened at the margins of life. And cooking? Ha! There was no cooking! Then the Dear Man and I moved into our new home, and he’s an expert vegetable roaster, and within the first two months, he roasted enough vegetables (which I ate) to count for the rest of the year. I asked him if I could borrow his labor to count for my goal, and he, being one of Earth’s best Earthlings, said, “Of course.” So we’re checking this one off the list. For those keeping score at home…

Vegetable roasting scoreboard

Unruly: 4

Dear Man: 8+


Complete 2 of the 3: Book Bingo, Read Harder, and Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenges

I completed the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge months ago, and I was almost done with our own homegrown Book Bingo except for that pesty “Read the Movie” category. I don’t really like movies so very much, and I can get stubborn about reading something I know is being made into a movie. But: Done and Done!


So here’s the full list for the year, with accomplished items in italics…

  • Call old friends on a regular basis
  • Buy typewriter key jewelry
  • Go on southern vacation with the Dear Man and Younger Sister
  • Go on northern vacation with the Dear Man and Older Sister
  • Roast vegetables once a month
  • Burn a candle when writing
  • Buy fresh flowers & watch a YouTube video to figure out how to arrange them
  • Invite friends for dinner
  • Begin meditating
  • Memorize 5 quotes
  • Visit 3 history geek places
  • Replace long wool coat
  • Bake 2 family recipes
  • Buy warm winter coat & boots
  • Remind myself to slow down once per day
  • Complete 2 of the 3: Book Bingo, Read Harder, and Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenges
  • Zipline
  • Do a deep decluttering of my house

This leaves the tough ones to achieve in these final 6 weeks:

  • Memorize 5 quotes  [I’ve got this one well in hand]
  • Buy typewriter key jewelry  [I got distracted and bought an actual typewriter. But I think I can still handle this one]
  • Invite friends for dinner   [This one still scares me! Hosting a dinner party: terrifying]

If anyone has tips for hosting a very small dinner party, please post them in the comments. I need some help.


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