10 year blogiversary

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Unruly Reader Turns 10 by Unruly Reader

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When I started this blog 10 years ago, I had no idea what that decade would bring. Some of it was terrible (my mom died that year, and say what you will about the stages of grief, it still sometimes hits me like category 5 hurricane) and some of it is wonderful (finding my Person — so worth the wait — it sometimes hits me like the loveliest breeze on a perfect sunny day, and I just whisper thank you).

And through it all: I kept blogging, even when it felt like nobody was looking.

And even though some weeks, I didn’t have it.

But, as the StrengthsFinder experience confirmed, I have Discipline. So posting: it happened.

And then: delightful things happened.

I met bloggers, either virtually or in person, and they’re now part of the fabric of my life. And that’s what I call a blessing.

And blogging has become a form of play… but it’s the kind of play that pays dividends. I read more thoughtfully now, and I take better notes. And I keep learning new things in my day job that make me a better blogger, and I keep learning new things as a blogger that make me a better librarian.

And while we’re talking dividends, I’ll just say this: I’ve received way more from blogging than I’ve put into it. It’s a darn good investment.

Good people of the bookish Interwebs, I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for 10 great years.

And now… onward! There’re books to read, and posts to write.

7 thoughts on “10 year blogiversary

  1. Congratulations on such a milestone bloggiversary! It’s good to know that no matter the ups & downs of life, books are such a source of comfort. Wishing you many more blogging years!

  2. Oh, Unruly,
    Thank heavens for you and this blog. When I am feeling bleahgy (my new word, meaning feeling too bleah to even blog) I just come read you for a while. Then I learn lots of new stuff AND get reinvigorated. I wish you were my neighborhood librarian–I know you give your job your all. Thank you for that.

    Happy Blogiversary and do keep it up, and I will hope the next ten years are full of all wonderful things. You deserve them all!

    • Citizen,
      Your kind and generous comment made my day. No, my decade.
      I feel exactly the same way about your blog, which has inspired me for *longer* than a decade.
      It’d be great fun to be your local librarian — during every visit I’d be asking *you* for reading suggestions.
      Thanks for the good wishes — I’ll take ‘em!

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